Single service number (7000 & 7777)

Give your customers an incentive to remember your company and ease of call!

The ideal solution for businesses with multiple service points that wish to cover their telephone customers from a single non-geographic number.

Catering businesses, travel agents, accountants, spare parts agencies, car spare parts suppliers, delivery companies, etc. have chosen the service with remarkable results.

The calls are routed through to your centralized call center / offices ensuring all calls are handled with fast response times to the end customer. All 7000 & 7777 numbers can be ported to our network and redirected to the number of your choice.

National Freephone ServiceĀ (8000)

Do you want to cover the cost of calling your customers?

Toll free numbers provide all the benefits of single number service with the added benefit that the calls you receive are free for your customers.

Service subscribers are charged according to Primetel's pricing policy, while a free report with statistics is provided.

The service is suitable for real estate agents, real estate professionals, tourist complexes, taxi agencies, etc.

Revenue-share and premium-rate numbers (900)

Want to earn some income from calling?

With the revenue-share and premium-rate numbers you add a fixed charge (service charge) to that of the voicemail call for all incoming calls. The process is done with a flat rate or per minute fee.

These numbers are known to consumers as "Premium numbers" and their cost is increased compared to that of local calls.

Numbers for charities

Primetel gives registered charities the ability to use its 4-digit and premium numbers. Contact us at 134 or +357 22027000 (from abroad) for more information. 


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