With the use of Ethernet, Primetel gives an exclusive circuit from one end to the other with speeds up to 10Gbits depending on your business needs. Services are provided in the following combinations:

Primetel’s Ethernet lines is the next generation, adaptive, high performance layer 2 service connecting sites. Affordable and reliable, it is the ideal Ethernet service for corporate and government organisations. It combines safety, quality and ease of interface with 2 points for high-speed data transfer.

Service can be provided as Point to Point or Point to Multipoint.

Access to services Ethernet services are implemented either via copper or by using fiber optic for speeds up to 10Gbps.

Adaptive, high performance Ethernet Lines

Primetel provides dedicated point to point optical fiber with the highest performance, highest availability and security.

Improve productivity

We provide high bandwidth, high performance, high availability and secure services ideal for supporting critical business applications

Operational simplicity 

With transparent transmission, our services are easy to use and professionally supported

Improved cost control

With a fixed price and no usage charges, allows you to easily control costs and budget 


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