Disaster recovery solutions

The service Disaster Recovery is aimed at businesses who want to ensure uninterrupted operations from the possibility of natural disasters (earthquakes, fires, floods, etc.) and/or sabotage (burglary, theft) of their facilities. Primetel, drawing on their expertise and most modern facilities, can and proposes specific solutions for all businesses who want to get a backup system running, away from their own Data Center

Why cyber-security is important

Strengthen your business with easy, affordable and flexible options, created to protect your team, your clients, and your reputation. Face down cyber-threats and help keep your business secure with integrated security disaster recovery solutions from Primetel. 

Secure your workplace

When your team works from different locations and across multiple devices, network security is paramount. We keep you safe, so you can work from anywhere.

24/7 support

With watertight security for business, you can protect your people around the clock and spot breaches before they escalate – at any time of day.

Improve compliance

We team up with the world’s leading technology providers for solutions you can trust.


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